Sales skills among emerging and established economies

3rd November 2016 |   Andrew Dugdale

Comparing Finland with the “new order” of global players.

Finland may seem like a strange choice of country to act as a baseline when comparing sales skills around the globe. But consider the nation’s economic history and maybe it is a touchstone for how the rest of Europe is likely to evolve.

As a country, Finland was Swedish ruled for around 600 years from the 13th century before it was ceded to Russia in the early 1800s. By the end of the First World War, Finland had become an independent country; although again in the Second World War, Finland had to fight Russia to retain that hard-won independence.

Moreover, Finland has been a lead indicator for many of the trials and tribulations experienced by members across the European Union. It enjoyed a massive economic boom in the 1970s and, for many years, the country’s GDP per capita was among the world’s highest. Then in 1992, Finland simultaneously faced economic overheating and depressed western, Russian and local markets.

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