Analysis of Sales Account Manager talent data

29th January 2017 |   Andrew Dugdale

Review and summary of sales talent analytics findings based on data from over 1,000 recent Sales Account Manager assessments.

Sales Talent Data

This “hybrid role” is one that many organisations use as the bedrock of their sales strategy. To have a core of salespeople able to carry out a straightforward account management function, while also being able to fulfil a new-business sales role when required, is seen as fundamental within many of our client organisations; indeed, for many clients, this role and the Sales Manager role are all that their business model requires.

Organisations with more complex sales or account management requirements will require more senior roles such as Solution Selling or Account Manager, or even Strategic Selling and the associated Key Account Manager role; but for many firms, Sales Account Manager is sufficient.

Consequently, it probably comes as no surprise that we carry out thousands of Sales Account Manager assessments, and the purpose of this article is to dissect the findings from the latest 1,000 Sales Account Managers assessments to identify trends and observations relating to this role.

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