Sales managers’ skills, critical reasoning and motivators around the globe

30th January 2016 |   Andrew Dugdale

Continuing from the review of sales manager behaviours by region in the previous edition of the Journal, this time we are looking at regional variations in skills, critical reasoning and motivators (what motivates the individual sales manager) across the same group of sales managers.

Data published in edition 1.3 (October 2015) indicated that sales managers in China were behaviourally less comfortable in their roles than those in other regions; the data presented here suggest they are also less skilled (Figure 1). In contrast, however, the data indicate that China scores highest of all regions for critical reasoning.

Higher critical reasoning scores mean learning can be assimilated faster; people with higher critical reasoning can “think on their feet” better than those with lower scores.

Sales skills

Figure 1: Sales skills (sorted with the best trained on the left, and the mean being 3.0.)


The skills findings, in some ways unsurprisingly, map well to the behavioural findings described in the previous edition. This should not be a big surprise as there is clear linkage between having the skills to do a job, and being behaviourally comfortable in that same role.

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