Research Centre

Credible research is the foundation of the Journal’s approach to understanding what works and what doesn’t in sales. Most importantly, it tells us why. Here you’ll find the latest research from academic institutions, top consultancies and industry sales leaders – including the Journal’s own specially commissioned research – interpreted from a business perspective.

Case Studies

How are companies transforming their sales strategy and organization to meet the needs of today’s business environment? Here’s what businesses are doing in the real world.

Data Bank

What does the data tell us? Infographics provide an at-a-glance guide to understanding key sales leadership issues – all backed up by the power of credible, objective data.


The latest research from sales leaders working in global companies comes together with studies from academic institutions and top consultancies to enhance our understanding of professional sales. Here you’ll also find the Journal’s own cutting-edge research designed by leading academics to help keep you one step ahead.

Research Review

Need to know what’s happening in the academic research field? Here’s our guide to the latest studies and findings that advance our understanding of professional sales. Edited by Jeremy Noad.

Sales Tips 101


Mini infographics zero in on key concepts in the world of sales leadership, from hiring effective sales managers to the ROI of sales enablement, and from diversity & inclusion to the critical skills of the future – all based on the latest research findings.

Sponsored Research

THE JOURNAL champions credible, objective research within the sales sector and, just as importantly, its application in the “real world”. Our pioneering original research programme brings together academics and sponsors to further research of practical benefit to sales leaders.