ABM and KAM in tandem

28th May 2020 |   Richard Vincent

Account-based marketing is increasingly recognised as a highly effective approach to working with key accounts, so is of major interest to key account managers looking for new approaches. November’s KAMBP explored how to use ABM and KAM together.

Bev Burgess, Senior Vice President & Practice Lead, and Dave Munn, President and CEO, introduced ITSMA (the Information Technology Services Marketing Association) in the context of ABM. ITSMA is dedicated to improving marketing practices and strengthening marketing’s role as a strategic growth driver.

The organisation has been advancing marketing practice for 25 years and focuses not just on education and peer sharing but also on research and helping marketers improve their personalisation. It has been pivotal in the evolution of marketers from just being responsible for marketing communications to being strategic leaders. From about 2002 ITSMA has been working on a structured approach to key account marketing which later became account-based marketing (ABM) and has since been a key area of focus.

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Richard Vincent spent nearly 29 years at HP and Hewlett Packard Enterprise where he specialised in Strategic Business Operations and Key Account Management. He is a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University where he has been an active member of the Key Account Management and Strategic Sales forum, since its early days. He is also a self-employed consultant, helping companies build long-term profitable relationships with complex and demanding customers.