Understanding procurement and negotiation

19th December 2018 |   Richard Vincent

How should KAM teams create impact and negotiate with procurement for maximum value co-creation? Highlights from Cranfield’s recent KAM and Strategic Sales Forum.

Implementing KAM

The pre-event dinner was dedicated to practical implementation of key account management. Dr Javier Marcos, Mark Davies, Dr Rodrigo Guesalaga and Dr Sue Holt, who have all worked closely together at Cranfield and elsewhere, identified that despite key accounts revenue growing in all major sectors, there is little information on the practical implementation of KAM. Using their own experiences, and those of organisations that attend the Cranfield KAMSS, they have put together a practical guide which condenses extensive KAM experience into a comprehensive volume with many good examples of proven best practices and alerts about the multiple pitfalls that other organisations have previously encountered.1

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Richard Vincent spent nearly 29 years at HP and Hewlett Packard Enterprise where he specialised in Strategic Business Operations and Key Account Management. He is a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University where he has been an active member of the Key Account Management and Strategic Sales forum, since its early days. He is also a self-employed consultant, helping companies build long-term profitable relationships with complex and demanding customers.