Too many cooks…

28th November 2022 |   PJ Nisbet

How a single sales methodology can help to reap global benefits

Too many cooks…

I am constantly amazed at how quickly companies that invest in a sales training methodology are led astray and lose out on the benefits it can deliver. Often, as the roll-out draws to a close, someone proposes a new “shiny toy”. Incredibly, they go for it, short-circuiting all the knowledge they have previously gained.

The global sales training market is poised to grow to US $4.21 billion by 2024, according to Technavio1. Yet, compare this figure with the brutal fact that nearly 70% of change initiatives fail, as reported by HBR2.

This staggering lack of success when implementing a sales transformation programme can have many causes, but the primary culprits are an organization’s lack of executive sponsorship, poor bottom-up support, and an excess of different sales methodologies – which only confuses the sales teams. When faced with conflicting approaches, it does not take long before the sales team becomes demotivated and cynical and reverts to their previous selling behaviours.

In my experience, a sales methodology that is implemented correctly and consistently will result in dramatic improvements in sales performance on a global basis. Then, why do so many organizations fail to realize this benefit?

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PJ Nisbet is the Managing Partner for ValueSelling Associates in EMEA and has worked in sales performance improvement training and consultancy for 15 years. During this time, he has trained more than 8,000 people in over 35 different countries with numerous engagements in the UK, Europe, and South Africa.