It’s time to level up!

26th February 2021 |   Tim Riesterer

Four forever changes transforming b2b revenue activities.

Sales and marketing leaders, it’s time to level up.

Buyers are searching for more information on their own, without talking to a sales rep. That means they are engaging with your content further down the funnel. As a result, your content can’t be just a companion to a sales-led customer conversation; it needs to be able to stand on its own, address your buyer’s big questions, showcase your unique value, and motivate action.

When buyers eventually do talk to your reps, those conversations will most often happen remotely. This makes all sellers “inside sellers”, which opens the door to improving their productivity, performance, and cost structure, while also imagining how former field sales teams should be operating on a cadence versus an expense account.

This article is about the four forever changes transforming sales training and enablement from here on out:

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Tim Riesterer is Chief Strategy and Research Officer at Corporate Visions. He is dedicated to improving the messages marketing creates for the field and the conversations salespeople have with prospects and customers. Riesterer is co-author of four books: Customer Message Management, Conversations that Win the Complex Sale, The Three Value Conversations, and The Expansion Sale.