2016 Q1 Research Review – edited by Jeremy Noad

29th January 2016 |   Dr Jeremy Noad

Jeremy Noad

Jeremy Noad

These pages aim to keep readers informed of recently published research on sales-related topics, by including abstracts of peer-reviewed academic research published in a range of journals. We have grouped them in the following broad themes: sales performance; customer management; capability development; behavioural studies; and systems and processes.

In this edition, we start with two articles on sales performance. The first brings scientific examination on the subject of “luck” and the salesperson; it examines accidental and provoked luck. The second focuses on sales force management and the role of models to support the management of the sales function.

In the section on customer management, we start with a recent paper on value co-creation, which discusses how value can be co-created earlier in the value chain. In addition we highlight research on: implementing a KAM programme using the 7S model; buyer loyalty; social media use by KAMs and the linkage between sales force reputation and customer behaviour.

In the theme of capability development, we highlight a paper on sales coaching. Coaching by sales managers is widely believed to have a positive transformational effect on sales performance; the paper examines the application of coaching models in different countries. In the second paper, we feature a paper on sales simulation games, which are not widely used in the sales education currently.

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Dr Jeremy Noad edits our Research Review. As an advocate both of sales excellence and translating sales research into action, he has been our Research Review section editor since day one. A 25-year sales and marketing veteran who has worked with sales organisations on all major continents, Dr Noad guides and coaches sales leaders and their teams to transform sales performance and effectiveness. His present focus is on global sales effectiveness with a $20bn market leader. He completed his doctorate on improving sales performance at Portsmouth University.