2015 Q4 Research Review – edited by Jeremy Noad

31st October 2015 |   Dr Jeremy Noad

Jeremy Noad

Jeremy Noad

These pages aim to keep readers informed of recent published research on sales-related topics, by including abstracts of a selection of peer-reviewed academic material published in a range of journals. We have grouped them in the following broad themes: sales performance; customer management; capability development; behavioural studies; leadership; and systems and processes.

In this edition, we start with three articles on sales performance. The first examines opportunity management, proposing that the early stage of the sales process is key to opportunity conversions. The second focuses on the critical area of customer reacquisition following a loss to competition, identifying a four-stage sales process to improve success rates. Thirdly, there’s a paper that examines the role of sales managerial experience and use of data in decision-making.

In the section on customer management, there are papers that examine strategic pricing; a case study on the introduction of Global Account Management, which advocates gradual development over rapid deployment. Customer insight is often seen as a differentiator for sales and we have a paper that looks at the process of generating insight and its subsequent application. The final paper in customer management examines the concept of supplier power in key account relationships, proposing an analytical framework to develop and balance the power between buyer and vendor.

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Dr Jeremy Noad edits our Research Review. As an advocate both of sales excellence and translating sales research into action, he has been our Research Review section editor since day one. A 25-year sales and marketing veteran who has worked with sales organisations on all major continents, Dr Noad guides and coaches sales leaders and their teams to transform sales performance and effectiveness. His present focus is on global sales effectiveness with a $20bn market leader. He completed his doctorate on improving sales performance at Portsmouth University.