Transitioning from sales training to sales education

21st March 2019 |   Dr Philip Squire and Louise Sutton

As part of a wider professionalisation of the sales function, forward-looking companies are discovering the benefits of sales education as a way to equip their people to thrive in today’s complex and challenging business environment.

Today’s business landscape is challenging in multiple ways: it’s super competitive; technology is forcing us to deal with change and adapt our go-to-market models at an unprecedent pace (a pace that can only accelerate); and there is so much data available that it’s all too easy to experience information overload. What this means is that sales organisations need new strategies to ensure that their people have the right skills and experience to perform in this demanding environment.

A long time ago when one of the authors started his career in sales, the only preparation for the role involved little more than learning a script and being able to deliver it convincingly. There was little or no sales training and certainly no sales education.

CEO of Consalia | + posts

Dr Philip Squire is the CEO of Consalia. He has been in sales roles since 1980 and, through his consultancy activities, has worked with sales organisations in over 40 countries.

Phil completed his doctoral research project How can a “client-centric values” approach to selling lead to the co-creation of a new global selling mindset? in 2006. A paper based on his research and results with one of his clients Hewlett Packard was published by the SAMA (Strategic Account Management Association) in 2008. Since then numerous articles based on his work have been published in the academic and professional press. Phil is a Trustee of the Association of Professional Sales.

Academy Director at Consalia

Louise Sutton is the Academy Director for Consalia and has responsibility for driving the strategy of the accredited programmes to ensure quality delivery and excellent customer experience. She has a proven track record of leading strategic initiatives and has been instrumental in helping the sales profession develop the degree-level apprenticeship, which launched last year.

Louise started her career in IT and management consulting working at BP International, PWC and AT&T, before transitioning into learning and development roles. Prior to joining Consalia, Louise worked at Sony Mobile as their Commercial Academy Manager. She is an accredited Leadership & Performance Coach.