The Art of Discovery

3rd September 2016 |   Whitten & Roy Partnership

Dr Roy Whitten and Scott Roy discuss what to do before the pitch and how to do it.

The Art of Discovery

The biggest problem my salespeople have is that they just don’t listen well enough!” The speaker was vice-president and director of sales for a division of one of the world’s largest telecoms companies.

He continued: “Or, if they do listen, they only listen long enough to hear what they want to hear, and then they stop listening and start talking. How do I get them to behave differently in those initial conversations with clients, when so much is on the line in terms of building trust and discovering needs?”.

This man – Mark is his first name, who became a client and then a colleague and friend – was asking the right questions. He instinctively knew there were limitations to the way his team was selling: developing and then pitching value propositions to customers.

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