How profits fight poverty

6th July 2015 |   Whitten & Roy Partnership

Dr Roy Whitten and Scott Roy discuss how selling can be a catalyst for change and a force for good in the developing world.

How profits fight poverty

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Selling stuff to poor people – sounds shameful, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t ¬– that is, if you want them to actually use products that can literally change their lives.

Sanitary latrines that prevent contamination of food and water by human waste; high-quality agricultural inputs that increase yield and farmer incomes; home water filters that purge poisons and agents of infection; solar lighting that eliminates the health hazards of burning kerosene in tiny homes – all these have been specifically designed for the world’s poorest people to increase their income, eliminate costly and preventable sickness, and reduce millions of avoidable deaths.

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W Roy Whitten PhD is the company’s co-founder and director. A specialist in attitude and its role in human performance, he has personally coached and trained more than 100,000 people over 40 years. Co-founder and director Scott Roy is a specialist in the art of selling and sales management. He has built and run large sales organizations as well as cofounding a nationwide insurance company in the United States.

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