Selling in a digital age

21st September 2017 |   Nick de Cent

Digital is set to disrupt every aspect of life including business. So what’s on the horizon for sales and what’s already here?

Selling  in a digital age

One day in the not too far distant future, a wave of technological innovation will transform society: for instance, brain-computer interfaces will replace keyboards; there will be intention-decoding algorithms; communications devices will be embedded in humans; and we will have lifelong avatar assistants – that’s according to the futurologists as Imperial College.1

Of course, digital disruption is no longer just on the horizon; it’s here today as leading organisations seek to remodel entire businesses – not simply processes (as with the data-processing advances of past decades) – and this will transform employment. It’s no secret that many roles will be replaced by technology: elements of any job are automatable whether you are a sewing machine operator or a chief executive.

Equally, new roles will be created in developing, implementing and using this new technology. David Autor, Professor Of Economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology has this to say: “Often people only think of AI boosting growth by substituting humans, but actually huge value is going to come from the new goods, services and innovations AI will enable.” 2

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