Sales enablement goes strategic

10th September 2019 |   Jim Preston

As selling evolves, how do you make sales enablement work for your company?

Sales enablement goes strategic

When listing key company departments, many business leaders will name sales, HR, marketing or even their IT team. Today, however, more and more are adding sales enablement to that list.

The rise of sales enablement is materialising. According to recent research from CSO Insights, 61% of businesses now have a dedicated sales enablement person, programme or function – a share that has tripled since 20131. This same research indicates that companies with sales enablement teams have seen the number of salespeople achieving quota improve by 23%. It is perhaps easy to understand the reason why.

The scope of the sales landscape is changing, and modern buyers now expect a seamless, relevant and personalised experience. For this to become a reality, salespeople need help to navigate the sales process to be the best seller they can be. This is where sales enablement can step in. With sales cycles becoming longer and more complex, salespeople need to be onboarded quickly, provided with continuous training and armed with the latest information and relevant content to prevent them from losing out on deals to more efficient, more organised, and more prepared competitors.

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Jim Preston is is VP EMEA Sales at Showpad. He has over 15 years of experience of successful business development, leading teams and building the pipeline for growth for top global SaaS companies including Salesforce, Pitney Bowes and Neopost.