Retaining high-performing salespeople

11th March 2018 |   Sarah Edge

Research findings uncover what high-performing salespeople want from their organizations and, just as importantly, what they don’t want. Understanding both categories is critical for organizations and leaders who want to create affective commitment and ultimately retain their best-performing salespeople.

As a successful salesperson and a manager of salespeople, I am passionately interested in how high-performing salespeople can be engaged and ultimately retained by businesses.

High-performing salespeople are in short supply and high demand (Boles et al, 2012; Weber, 2015; Wren et al, 2014). Retaining this valuable resource is key to business success (McGrath et al, 2016), but this is a minimum objective. Employees need to be engaged and motivated to make their best contribution.

When conducting the interviews for this research, I realised that high-performing salespeople take a lot of personal pride in achieving. However, whilst these high performers consistently work hard, this doesn’t mean that they are committed to staying with their employer. A recent study of US professionals by, the world’s highest-traffic job website, claims that 91% of people are either openly looking or open to a new job (Fernández-Aráoz et al, 2016).

General Manager, UK & Ireland for HMD Global

Sarah Edge is General Manager, UK & Ireland for HMD Global, a start-up that designs and delivers trusted and innovative products under the iconic Nokia brand. Prior to that she was an account director at Sony Mobile and Head of Business Development at Orange.