GST focuses on disruption and resilience

18th December 2018 |   Nick de Cent

Consalia graduates and keynote speakers came together to discuss strategies to thrive in today’s disruptive business environment.

Multiple medal winners

Multiple medal winners: Royal Engineers Captain Jennifer Kehoe (left) and Menna Fitzpatrick. © Nick de Cent

As the business environment becomes ever more uncertain, with constantly accelerating change and increasing market disruption, both organisations and individuals need to become more resilient.

But what kind of toll does this disruption take and how can we become more resilient? These were some of the themes explored during this year’s Global Sales Transformation event at the London Stock Exchange on 4 October. “Where Resilience Meets Disruption” saw an eclectic mix of speakers explore the topic from a variety of different angles.

Resilient role models

Two Paralympic skiers, Menna Fitzpatrick, who has only 5% vision, and her sighted guide Royal Engineers Captain Jennifer Kehoe, provided an inspiring foundation with their early keynote session “Our story – Collaboration, resilience and deliberate practice”. The pair, who won gold, two silvers and a bronze medal at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics plus a host of others at the World Cup and World Championships outlined what it takes to compete at this level, the resilience required (from both of them) to overcome setbacks, and the team work and communication needed to succeed.

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