From KAM to commission

11th April 2015 |   Dr Beth Rogers

Beth Rogers leafs through some recent Masters dissertations to see what has been exercising the minds of sales managers.

MA Sales Management students

MA Sales Management students: elite thinkers. © Portsmouth Business School

One of the joys of running a course such as a top-up Masters programme for sales managers is that their learning is applied to their company, and both tutor and student can see the potential impact. One of the downsides is that dissertations are almost always company confidential. The specifics of the work produced in this academic year may remain under wraps, but the nature of the topics explored demonstrates some important trends in sales management.

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Dr Beth Rogers has recently retired as Head of the Marketing and Sales Subject Group at Portsmouth Business School, She is also the author of Rethinking Sales Management. Before taking on an academic role, she had a career in sales and marketing in the information technology and professional services sectors. She is known as a pioneer of sales education from her work on key account management at Cranfield School of Management in the 1990s. Beth was elected chair of the UK National Sales Board from 2005-2009, which launched National Occupational Standards for the sales profession. She has taught account management and sales management in a variety of companies and countries, and has also contributed to the academic literature, trade magazines and The Times on sales topics.