Can the Internet of Things create a new wave of value?

31st October 2015 |   Dr Beth Rogers

Dr Beth Rogers ask whether the “Internet of Things” is set to transform the sales paradigm yet further.

Imagine a future where customers’ needs are met even before the customer has identified them or a salesperson has prompted for them. It is a future where the role of the salesperson is focused on high-profile change projects, rooted in idea generation and detailed knowledge, supported by convincing analyses and what-if simulations. This sounds like an ideal scenario for the supplier – but what is in it for the customer?

Every day we co-operate as consumers with our favourite brands by accepting cookies on websites or sharing our location via our smartphones. Location and cross-device usage tracking is becoming a top priority for marketers because it enhances the consumer’s shopping experience.

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Dr Beth Rogers has recently retired as Head of the Marketing and Sales Subject Group at Portsmouth Business School, She is also the author of Rethinking Sales Management. Before taking on an academic role, she had a career in sales and marketing in the information technology and professional services sectors. She is known as a pioneer of sales education from her work on key account management at Cranfield School of Management in the 1990s. Beth was elected chair of the UK National Sales Board from 2005-2009, which launched National Occupational Standards for the sales profession. She has taught account management and sales management in a variety of companies and countries, and has also contributed to the academic literature, trade magazines and The Times on sales topics.