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28th January 2016 |   Nick de Cent

Sony Mobile account director Sarah Edge recently received the “Best woman in technology sales” accolade at the 2015 Women in Sales Awards. Her career has spanned the breadth of marketing, procurement and, more recently, sales.

Women in Sales Awards

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Last December, at a London’s plush Savoy hotel, Sarah Edge was delighted to learn her hard work was being recognised when she was named winner of the “Best woman in technology sales” category at the 2015 Women in Sales Awards. But how did a returning mother, who had only been in sales for three years, find herself in the position of standing up in front of hundreds of high-performing sales women to accept this award?

If it proves anything, Edge’s success shows that sales provides opportunity for everybody to shine in business – across a range of ages, experience and backgrounds – and, if circumstances are right, to make their mark quickly.

“I spent the first 11 years of my career in a non-sales role. I started in marketing and also worked in category-management roles, and only made the transition into sales started three years ago.

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