Collaborating to change

28th January 2017 |   Nick de Cent

Some 18 months ago, BT Global Services set out on a major programme of sales and marketing transformation. We talk to Chris Blundell about the story so far.

Chris Blundell

Chris Blundell: Significant transformation in the telecoms sector. © Nick de Cent

There was a time when Chris Blundell spent his time driving from customer to customer in a yellow van – back in the day Blundell was a telecom engineer. Now, however, his role is dramatically different: as Vice President Global Accounts and Sales Transformation, BT Global Services, he works for one of the largest BT business divisions with a turnover in excess of £5 billion across multinational customers headquartered inside and outside the UK. The business has customers such as Unilever, Credit Suisse, Bristol-Myers Squibb and DHL to its name.

“Many of these companies have, in some cases, 1,000-1,500 or more locations around the world where they have employees, customer interfaces and manufacturing facilities, and they can’t run their businesses entirely on the Internet alone.”

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