Winning customers in an age of digital transformation

22nd March 2019 |   Stefan Funk

When companies embark on a digital transformation journey, they undertake a challenging quest for new business models, as they seek to leverage digital innovations to generate value for their customers and to differentiate from their competition. SAP’s Digital Elite Programme enables its salespeople to pitch a digital journey that is a perfect fit for their customers.

Winning customers in  an age of digital transformation

The digital revolution is having a dramatic effect on the sales world. Listening to the customer, taking their concerns and strategic objectives on board, and using their feedback to identify the best-possible solution has always proved to be an effective strategy.

However, sales success can also be achieved by a simple “no”. Many customers are still coming to SAP asking for presentations or demos of all SAP innovations. Or, even worse, salespeople just involve many solution experts to demo everything. Starting with the “why”, by taking a step back and focusing on the customer’s issues and current challenges, is bringing the entire conversation to a higher level. Then, after identifying those challenges, the salesperson can link these to plot a roadmap to digital transformation.

“Long-standing SAP customers often have highly complex SAP landscapes and want to find a way to shift from their current legacy landscape to the new generation of agile, cloud-based systems – with as little effort and business risk as possible,” says Rainer Stern, Global Vice President, Sales Acceleration and Leadership Programs at SAP.

Global Programme Lead at SAP Sales Learning

Stefan Funk is global programme lead for Data Driven Sales Coaching at SAP Sales Learning. He is also responsible for communications, business impact and thought-leadership. In this capacity, he draws on years of experience in sales enablement, business development and marketing.