Which training vendor?

18th May 2018 |   Nigel Turner

Methodology and scope

A wide range of companies offer training and professional development services to the sales profession, making myriad claims about their capability – so determining the right partner for you can be a tricky process. In this study, a strategy grid was used to help position some of the leading UK, European and US vendors on a more objective basis. Note, however, that since there are so many players in this field, it is not exhaustive. Going forward, the methodology should be applicable to other vendors.

The graphic summarises the capability of those organisations reviewed. The analysis illustrates relative strengths and highlights different positioning. Thus, what is right for one organisation, may not be right for another. Companies will have different requirements and so need to chose a partner that meets their specific needs.

Independent Consultant Specialising in Sales and Marketing Strategy

Nigel Turner is an independent consultant specialising in sales and marketing strategy. He has spent over 35 years in various sales and marketing roles, mostly within the technology sector. He was formerly Vice President Marketing for Apple Computer Europe and Vice President Global Marketing Strategy for Sony Mobile. Email: npturner@btinternet.com