Understanding true value

3rd May 2022 |   Julie Thomas

Engage buyers using the basics of value-based selling.

We all know the frightening stats: buyers spend 17% of their time interacting with sales professionals, and nearly half (43%) prefer a completely rep-free experience (Gartner). Yes, this is alarming. However, this roadblock is just that, a roadblock – it’s not impassable.

After all, the buying journey is complex and contains numerous opportunities to influence decision-makers along the way – or so we thought. Recent research from Forrester shows that 25% of B2B buyers know what they intend to buy before beginning their purchasing journey. How can your sales team overcome this seemingly insurmountable problem?

Salespeople must take a value-based approach to selling to elevate the conversation from the technical problem to the corporate objectives and what is getting in the way of achieving them. Yes, buyers might know everything there is to know about your product’s features, but they don’t know the terms and conditions you’re willing to offer, your CX track record, or how your solution mitigates risk.

President and CEO at ValueSelling Associates | + posts

Julie Thomas is President and CEO of ValueSelling Associates. She began her sales career at Gartner Group. In 1999, she became Vice President of Gartner’s Sales Training for the Americas. In 2003, she joined ValueSelling Associates as Chief Executive Officer and President. She is the author of ValueSelling: Driving Sales Up One Conversation at a Time.