Two types of value

11th April 2015 |   Todd Snelgrove

Todd Snelgrove on how customer intelligence can help you define your strategic approach to value, with a choice of two approaches.

As salespeople, we need to use our understanding of the customer, and each decision maker within a customer, to decide what drives them professionally and personally and to know which sales strategy is best suited to engage them in a discussion about why they should choose our firm’s offering. Too often, though, because of a lack of thoughtful proactive planning on our part, assumptions we make that all people in a customer want the same thing, or incorrect intelligence (intentional or unintentional), we come with the wrong value proposition to customers.

Global Manager at Value with SKF

Todd Snelgrove is Global Manager, Value with SKF, the world’s market leader for bearing and related industrial products. He has over 15 years’ experience in being the team leader on understanding, presenting, calculating, pricing, and purchasing on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). His work has been featured in articles on TCO buying, selling, pricing, and procuring in numerous publications from leading business schools and scholarly reviews published by Harvard, MIT Sloan, Case Western, Wake Forest, Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, London Business Press, Routledge, and others. He has also led sessions on value at Executive MBA courses at IMD Switzerland, Chalmers Sweden, Kellogg USA, Esade Business School Barcelona, University of Tennessee USA, University of Macquarie Australia, and London Business School.