Tsunami of change in healthcare

In 10 to 15 years, healthcare will function fundamentally differently for the way it currently does. This means big changes for the way healthcare suppliers need to communicate value.

“Value, defined anew, will increasingly be the metric that matters as healthcare pivots back to the patient in extraordinarily new and different ways.” Overall healthcare spending will be doubling from an aggregate $8.4 trillion in 2015 to $18.3 trillion in 2030.

In the United States, by 2018, performance-based reimbursement mechanisms are anticipated to comprise 50% or more of payments made by Medicare. “Increasingly, we are not paying for what was done, but what we get.”

”Nearly every major pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical device, and medical diagnostic company has the opportunity and responsibility to overhaul its strategy, defining its own future paths on multiple dimensions, and developing coherent responses to the powerful rising trends and focus on better patient and economic outcomes as the new currency.”

The direct and indirect quotes were taken from Healthcare Disrupted: Next Generation Business Models and Strategies by Jeff Elton and Anne O’Riordan of Accenture.

Tsunami of change in healthcare