Towards a healthier sales model

18th December 2018 |   Dominique Côté

Pharma needs to transform the way it engages customers if it is to adapt to disruption in the healthcare landscape.

For the past 20 years, I have been involved in pharma discussions regarding the need to radically change our sales and engagement model. The pharma industry has shifted from defining its customers as the physicians prescribing to patients to a much more complex environment – one where the customer is defined by a diverse group of players which participate in the decision-making around treatment and access to treatment. From my perspective, the ultimate customer, although indirectly, has always been the patient. This is now becoming increasingly important.

However, in an industry that is being highly disrupted by the current technology explosion and remains under significant regulatory pressure, both the demand and the uncertainty are making it easier said than done to engage in a cohesive fashion with the different customers.

Mega trends

These are a few of the mega trends that are forcing us to change our traditional engagement models:

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Dominique Côté has joined the Summit Group after 28 years in the corporate world (in pharma, biotech and devices). As a global executive she had the opportunity to spearhead and be part of KAM cultural shifts, strategies and executions in organizations such as Pfizer and Zoetis. She has been passionate about customer patient-centricity and KAM throughout her career. She has sat on the board of SAMA (Strategic Account Management Association) since 2011, and leads the Life Science Practice and EMEA customer development at the Summit Group.