The secret power of introverts

3rd May 2022 |   Monica Parkin

Too shy to sell? Why organisations need introverts.

Do you ever hear the words “introvert” and “sales” in the same sentence and wonder if it is even possible to be successful in sale and shy or introverted? The conventional stereotype is that sales is an extrovert’s playground, but the reality is that this is simply not true.
Countless industry giants are introverts, and not only did it not hurt their growth, but in many cases, it propelled them to amazing heights. Very successful entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Warren Buffet are all self-professed introverts who have defied introverted stereotypes.

If you are an introvert trying to carve out a career in sales, you likely have superpowers you didn’t even know about. Here are some secrets that successful introverts use to grow their networks along with how organizations can tap into those hidden talents:

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