The SAP Masters alumni community: An ongoing transformational journey

14th February 2023 |   Brian Kadien

You’ve achieved you Masters, but what next? Can the alumni group help to continue the transformation journey?

The SAP Masters alumni community: An ongoing transformational journey

By November 2019, our SAP Masters cohort was really hitting our stride. Collectively we (and I especially) were seeing success with our papers, we were learning new skills and many of us were seeing growth within our teams as our leadership practices improved. Then, with the New Year approaching, it seemed very natural for me to speculate about how the future would look from that point forward. It was at this time that I first asked the question: “What happens after we graduate with our Masters degree?”

Beyond the curiosity of the rather simple question (which I’ll hereafter refer to in a shortened form of “what’s next?”) I found it captivating that no one had a clear answer. Some colleagues spoke about graduation as an endpoint, claiming that transformation of our leadership practice had been achieved with the completion of the curriculum. If that were in fact possible, I then wondered if the progress should be considered permanent, or if the passage of time would inevitably wear down the hard-earned skills.

With nearly 30 years of enterprise selling and leadership experience, Brian Kadien has worked for and sold to many of the largest organisations of our time. He continues to explore the inner workings of how to improve the profession through peer mentoring, transdisciplinary approaches, and personal reflection. The Masters Program in Leading Sales Transformation has been an unparalleled experience, unlocking exceptional opportunities for growth and enabling him to set a personal vision for continued applied research in the field of business-to-business selling.