Survey explores sales cadence

21st September 2017 |   Journal Of Sales Transformation

Salespeople make on average four attempts per lead to contact a prospective customer, a recent survey has found.

Email and phone calls are still the most common touchpoints for sales teams: the most common pattern was a single email – 32% of respondents used that method, accounting for 61% of first contacts – while the second most common cadence is a single call and voicemail (6%).

Sales acceleration software specialist released the study surveying sales industry cadences; it includes patterns, frequencies and methods of responding to inbound leads. The report is the product of data analysis of the sales practices of over 8,000 companies and is designed to establish the most common number of contact attempts, response types and persistence periods.

“Analysing data can help sales teams make better informed decisions on how and when they approach a prospect. Combined with artificial intelligence technologies, companies can improve their optimal cadence and boost results by up to 110 per cent,” claims Martin Moran, International Managing Director of