Salespeople unhappy with their bosses

5th September 2023 |   Journal Of Sales Transformation

Survey analysis from the somewhat unlikely source of has found that employees in retail, healthcare and sales report being the unhappiest with their managers, most commonly attributing their dissatisfaction to low pay, micromanagement and a lack of communication. By comparison, employees working in the creative arts and design and charity and voluntary sectors were found to have the most positive attitude towards their bosses.

Employees within the sales sector are the least fond of their bosses, the analysis found. Fewer than a quarter of employees (24.7%) admit to liking their boss, which is over three times less than the number of employees in the media and internet industry (84.4%), according to the research. Retail employees in the US are much more dissatisfied with their bosses compared to the employees in the UK, where 47% expressed negative opinions about their managers.

Among employees aged 50-69, those working in sales are said to be the least satisfied with their boss relationships (23.4%), closely followed by 35-49 year olds working in retail (25.4%). In sales, females dislike their boss the most with only 22.6% having positive feelings towards their manager, compared to 26.3% of men.