Sales leaders celebrate forthcoming book launch

5th September 2023 |   Journal Of Sales Transformation

Authors and contributors gather to celebrate unique new sales leadership book (left to right): Dr Phil Squire, Dr Christine Eastman, Dr Beth Rogers, Waldemar Adams, Stuart McCracken, Namara Dafney, Lori Powell, Rainer Stern, and Dr Grant Van Ulbrich

Senior sales leaders from around the globe gathered in London on 7 July to celebrate the forthcoming launch of a unique new book they have created. Leadership Narratives: Reflective Journeys of Sales Professionals is due to be published by leading academic publisher Routledge in December 2023.

The sales leaders flew in from as far afield as Nevada and Dubai and represent a diverse cross-section of companies, including SAP, Nationwide US, Amazon, and Royal Caribbean, as well as individual consultancies and businesses. The new book will feature 12 chapters, each written by a different sales leader and addressing key sales leadership topics. These include:

Chapter one: “Leadership in the Digital Age” by Rainer Stern (SAP) focuses on the biggest leadership challenge today, the unpredictability and uncertainty of the digital future.

Chapter three: “Coaching Salespeople Through Personal Change: Redemption for Willy Loman” demonstrates how the “SoWhat” personal change model, crafted by Grant Van Ulbrich of Royal Caribbean, can work for everyone.

Chapter four: “The Evolution of Emotional Intelligence in Corporate Life and its Importance on Both Leadership and Sales Culture” by A. J. Iarussi (Nationwide, US) argues the central nature of emotional intelligence in leadership.

Chapter 10: “If We Want Things to Stay the Same, Things Will Have to Change” by Barbara Crane, Amazon, uses Lampedusa’s The Leopard or Il Gattopardo to explore personal change and growth in the professional world.

All of the authors have been participants in the innovative “Finding Your Written Voice” programme, which is led by Dr Christine Eastman, a senior lecturer at Middlesex University. Dr Eastman has written the introduction to the book, which also has a forward by Consalia CEO Dr Phil Squire. Dr Eastman was joined at the event by her co-editors Dr Beth Rogers and Dr Phill McGowan.