Sales coaching for the digital age

18th May 2018 |   Mark Crofton

Sales  coaching  for the  digital age

How Big Data-Driven Coaching has been boosting win rates.

Maintaining a position of pre-eminence in the highly competitive IT industry requires leaders to adapt to changes in the business landscape more rapidly than the competition. Continued success also relies on the development of innovative sales enablement techniques that boost performance, help meet customer needs and achieve bottom-line results.

Digital Transformation juggernaut, SAP has done all of the above, yet again, with its latest approach to sales enablement – one that marries a major area of its expertise, big data intelligence, with cutting-edge sales coaching.

The programme is called Data-Driven Coaching and began at SAP in 2016, following a close analysis of account executive (AE) performance. Although in line with – and in some cases slightly above – industry standards, quota attainment at the time was still not meeting sales management expectations.

Global VP of Sales Coaching at SAP and leads the Data-Driven Coaching initiative

Mark Crofton is the Global VP of Sales Coaching at SAP and leads the Data-Driven Coaching initiative. In this capacity, he draws on years of experience in sales, sales management, and sales enablement. Prior to his current role, Crofton was the Global VP and Early Talent Sales Coach focused on mentoring and coaching SAP sales executives at the beginning of their careers and driving the performance of SAP’s next-generation sales leaders.