Sales as a career of choice

7th April 2016 |   Journal Of Sales Transformation

Are we on the verge of breakthrough? Will sales become a destination career?

Could sales as a career choice be turning a corner in terms of its popularity with undergraduates? If so, this is good news, because selling is actually the number one destination for business school students.

The organisers of this year’s Sales Educators’ Academy Conference at Aston Business School say sales education is becoming increasingly important for today’s job market entrants. They cite recent research findings that 82% of all marketing majors and 66% of all college of business students are headed for a sales-related job.

Such figures underline the importance of preparing students for a career in sales rather than leaving them to stumble into the profession: they need to know what to expect and to understand the career opportunities, the range of skills needed to succeed, and the complexities involved in any of the modern sales roles.