Past, present and future of sales enablement

26th July 2021 |   Dustin Deno

Past, present and future of sales enablement

Exploring the last decade of sales and sales enablement and what’s in store for the next ten years.

There’s no question that B2B sales and the ways in which we sell have rapidly and fundamentally changed during the past year. But how does that compare with the past decade and, more importantly, where is the industry headed next?

For many businesses, the next few months present a critical time for rebuilding, adjusting and growing. It’s important to take a step back and reflect to ensure the correct next steps are taken moving forward. Are there some practices or seller traits that had been falling by the wayside which are now seeing a resurgence in importance? Are we continuing to follow some principles and approaches that desperately need to be dropped because they’ve lost their relevance?

Where it started

Looking back ten years, for many organisations sales was people-led, rather than technology-led. B2B sales deals were still closed on the golf course and dinners with prospects were expected. However, the industry began shifting and the technology revolution was beginning.

SVP of Global Sales at Showpad

Dustin Deno is SVP of Global Sales at Showpad. He leads Showpad’s BDR, AE and Solution Engineering groups, creating better alignment and collaboration between regions and teams. He joined Showpad as the Vice President of Sales, North America and led the company’s account executives and business development representatives, focusing on customers in the US and abroad. Prior to joining Showpad, Deno spent six years at Salesforce, ultimately becoming Area Vice President of Retail and Consumer Goods. He also served as Senior Vice President of Sales at Maropost. He earned his bachelor of arts at Wabash College.