Opening up business opportunity

28th January 2016 |   Journal Of Sales Transformation

Why sales leaders should aspire to a diverse and qualified sales organisation.

Interestingly, just as many employers and universities are ramping up their interest in degree-level education for salespeople, other professions and business sectors are moving away from a narrow restriction based around employing only graduates.

Publishers Random House (owners of Penguin) recently announced that the company is seeking a more varied intake of staff, at the same time suggesting there is no clear link between holding a degree and performance in a job. It’s a sentiment that has also been adopted by the big accountancy firms: their motive is to widen their intake from a narrow range of universities and social backgrounds.

Does this mean that those advocating recent moves towards professionalizing sales have got it wrong? No, not at all! So what is this telling us? Simply, that a narrow perspective restricts innovation and business opportunity.