Opening the “third box”

31st October 2015 |   Russell Keating

As part of his MSc Professional Practice in Sales Transformation, Sony Mobile’s Russell Keating explores how to unlock more sales through a strategic understanding of his client’s key concerns as well as those of his own organisation.

Opening the “third box”

This project relates to work with one of the largest mobile phone operators in Ireland, referred to as the “client” throughout this paper. It directly continues my efforts from the first module, both in terms of advancing my development as a learning practitioner (Schon, 1983) but also further improving my business performance with the client.

I have found working with the key stakeholders at the client to be both positive and challenging. I have sought their cooperation in my research throughout this project to ensure I am both fulfilling my role effectively as their key account manager (Jeannette and Hennessy, 2003) but also to demonstrate how their direct validation of this work will permit me to deliver my vision for the account in module three.

Initially, I wanted to lead to the creation of a winning value proposition (WVP); instead I have created the vision and identified the key areas of opportunity of focus to create my proposal, which will become my module three project.

Russell Keating manages three large Irish customer accounts and, in addition, manages all generic marketing and PR for Sony Mobile in Ireland. With a strong marketing background both academically and practical, Russell has also had key sales responsibilities for four years. He is passionate about technology and bringing products to market, and lives in Dublin with his wife and two sons.