On-screen selling

22nd May 2020 |   Dr Roy Whitten

Exploring the surprising benefits of remote selling by video.

COVID-19 has suddenly changed the dynamics of selling. Salespeople who normally see prospects and customers in person are scrambling as they explore how to sell remotely. It may be a problem now, but could this be an unforeseen opportunity?

Up until nine years ago, we sold our sales consulting services exclusively in person. But then enquiries began to come in from beyond the UK, from Asia, Africa and North America. Faced with the choice between extensive travel or learning how to sell remotely, we opted for the latter. Now, some 330+ sales transformation projects in 36 countries since then, we sell almost exclusively via video.

Quite frankly, we were surprised to learn that the human process of buying and selling works as well through remote technology as it does in person. We found that the key to making the transition is to keep focused on the customer experience and executing practices that make it warm and connecting.

Whitten & Roy Partnership

W Roy Whitten PhD is the co-founder of Whitten & Roy Partnership, an international sales consultancy that helps leading businesses and organizations transform their sales results. He is an expert in attitude and its role in human performance and sales management. In 2004, he earned a PhD for his work in transformative learning and change. In over 40 years as a trainer, consultant and coach, he has personally coached and trained over 100,000 people.