New qualification option

28th January 2016 |   Journal Of Sales Transformation

Sales professionals now have a new option to gain a high-status sales qualification.

This year, Middlesex University – in conjunction with global sales transformation company Consalia – is making its award-winning Masters programmes available to individuals and small groups for the first time.

Consalia marketing director Phil Linter tells the Journal: “Previously we’ve only been able to offer professional sales qualifications ‘in-company’; now though we are hugely excited at the prospect of bringing them to the wider sales community.”

The inaugural multi-client Masters in Leading Sales Transformation begins 6 May 2016. It will appeal to experienced sales leaders looking to enhance their own capabilities and those of their sales organisation.

Phil Linter

Phil Linter: proven growth.

Linter explains that the programme delivers proven top-line growth and sustained behavioural change for participants. For participants it offers some key benefits:

  • challenges the way you think and sell to generate new means for customer engagement;
  • offers the opportunity to gain professional status though work-based study, directed towards achieving business outcomes; and
  • a means to distinguish your personal brand and enhance future career opportunities.

Middlesex and Consalia are jointly the largest provider of post-graduate sales education in Europe. For more information, please contact Philip Linter via