New era of selling

Modern selling

92% think that remote workforces will remain the norm.

85% expect leaner teams.

59% of US respondents say majority of sales training now virtual.

Since the pandemic, 75% say they have an enablement programme in place, up from 64%.

Sales content management

82% say they have access to the required technology, but don’t have access to the right content.

Only 40% have enablement content solutions in place.

The number one modern selling challenge is inaccessible content.

Buyer engagement

84% of organizations said they were forced to undergo significant digital transformation since the pandemic.

57% of organizations have shifted more than 50% of their sales calls to remote-only.

Measuring engagement on remote calls increased in difficulty by 9%.

For more information, see Showpad’s 2021 Modern Selling Study,

New era of selling