Neil Rackham joins APS as patron

7th April 2016 |   Journal Of Sales Transformation

Internationally renowned sales research pioneer, Professor Neil Rackham has joined the Association of Professional Sales (APS) as patron. He is known for his groundbreaking scientific research into complex selling, which formed the foundation of the SPIN Selling methodology. His book, SPIN Selling is ranked number one in the top 10 “how to sell” books of all time.

Professor Rackham, who has advised some of the largest global corporations and is a regular contributor to this Journal says: “The Association of Professional Sales is the only game in town at a high level. Selling is becoming highly sophisticated, complex, professional, but until now there has been no organisation that represents the sophisticated end of selling. It’s at the sophisticated end that the important developments happen, where the highest-level people are employed and work. The APS fills a gap across the whole range of sales support.”

Quality mark

Professor Rackham adds that the APS will be an important mark of quality assurance for employers, consumers and the profession itself.