Mind the gap

16th December 2017 |   Chris Whyatt

Many people talk about the gap between sales and bid teams, but does that gap really exist, to what degree, why, and what suggestions do people have to close that gap? Research based on cross-functional input from 148 executives seeks to answer these questions.

Research methodology

The research was carried out through a six-question 360 (survey), circulated via social media (see figure 1). This resulted in 148 responses, split evenly between people leading their businesses or in sales-related roles, and people in bid-related roles. The methodology and results are summarised in figures 1-4.

Research discussion

During a presentation of these results at the UK APMP Conference in mid-October 2017, delegates discussed the impact of the gap across two dimensions: the gap’s impact on people and on the organisation: (see figure 5).

Fellow of the APS

Chris Whyatt is a Fellow of the APS, and the founding COO of the UK APMP. He is a regular writer, speaker and blogger on change, sales and bidding-related matters.