Introducing the Institute of Sales Professionals

26th July 2021 |   Journal Of Sales Transformation

Andy Hough
Andy Hough: Proud day for the sales community.

The Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP) is the new name for the Association of Professional Sales (APS) following a merger with the Institute of Sales Management (ISM). The new organisation was launched on 24 June and presents a “single, united voice for the entire sales profession, led by one team, under one name, dedicated to setting professional standards in sales”.

Andy Hough, ISP CEO, described the launch as a “landmark moment for the sales industry”, declaring: “Our new organisation combines the distinguished history of the ISM with the progressive approach of the APS to provide a strong, forward-looking body for everyone who works in sales. We are building a revolution in sales.”

An institute spokesperson told the Journal: “As one organisation, the Institute of Sales Professionals can focus on the interests of the whole profession, building standards and skills, and speaking with one voice to government and the wider business community.”

By the end of this year, the Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP) is also planning to submit an application to become a chartered institute with the same status as other respected professional organisations.

The ISP is also launching the Emerging Professionals Network (EPN), a new initiative to encourage and support people at the start of their selling career. The EPN aims to be a vibrant and inclusive network for emerging salespeople to share their expertise, support each other and develop their skills and knowledge through tailored content and guidance. 

The organisation is keen to stress that recognised career paths leading to sales-specific accreditations and qualifications are key to driving up skills and standards across the profession. It says the EPN is there to support those leaving school or college, as well as those choosing to change jobs and work in sales for first time.

Economics and politics graduate, Jasmine Thompson, a sales apprentice and joint leader of the EPN said: “The EPN provides a great opportunity for career development and support. Selling is exciting but it’s competitive and belonging to our network means you will stand out from the crowd by showing your customers and future employers that you are dedicated to improving your skills, knowledge and behaviour.

“The EPN will not only help with sales education and development; it also provides a friendly network where we can meet like-minded professionals and enjoy some down time, away from work.”

To mark the launch of the new combined body, the ISP is building a new website, and starting to add content and develop the site’s design and functionality. In the meantime, the existing APS site will remain the go-to address to check on events and news, and for members to log on. New ISP site:; existing APS site: