How to sell value to a CEO

23rd April 2017 |   Deirdre Coleman

Selling value is essential to today’s sales professional. We speak to President of Capmatic, Alioscia Bassani to uncover his tried-and-tested techniques for selling value to the C-suite. This sales process uncovers the CEO’s critical business needs and develops value solutions that address the long-term business challenges of concern to senior executives.

How to sell value to a CEO

Ask Alioscia Bassani what business he’s in and his response is concise: “We’re in the business of long-term value relationships. We look at big-picture business value: what are our customers’ pain-points and how do we best position ourselves to ease that pain?”

As president of integrated equipment manufacturer Capmatic, Bassani works with pharmaceutical, diagnostic, cosmetic and nutraceutical manufacturers. The company specialises in the manufacture and integration of turn-key liquid filling and tablet packaging-line systems ranging from bottle unscrambling, bottle filling, plugging, capping, to advanced labelling systems including full track-and-trace systems.

Capmatic has developed considerable experience of utilising these systems in a variety of continuous manufacturing development environments and with different pharmaceutical and OEM partners. In contrast, many equipment manufacturers sometimes focus on only one aspect of the process. They might, for example, have a solution for continuous coating or for tablet pressing, but they don’t design it in a way that integrates with the equipment that precedes it and the one that comes next in the line.

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