Hear my voice: lessons in inclusive leadership

5th March 2018 |   Deirdre Coleman

Samantha Wessels: sales can drive change

Samantha Wessels: sales can drive change

For Samantha Wessels diversity and inclusion is a business imperative. Here she explains why she is passionate about getting more women into sales and specifically into technology.

If you haven’t mastered operations you’re going to suffer. Effective sales operations is an essential component for effective sales management.

Sales is at the forefront of the organisation, and can drive organisational transformation in the current era of disruption – that’s the view of Samantha Wessels, SVP Group Sales Operations & Enablement at hybrid IT services provider Dimension Data. “If we get the sales organisation transformed, if we get our talent pool transformed, our systems and processes aligned, we can evolve the organisation to be future-relevant; sales can drive that change.”

Over the past decade, forward-thinking organisations have worked hard to create diversity within their workforce and have seen the myriad benefits, including greater customer satisfaction, better market position, enhanced innovation and creativity, and a stronger bottom line. However, many organisations still struggle with making the environment inclusive and fostering a culture of belonging and connection that delivers performance and innovation.

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