Go with the show

28th April 2016 |   Jane Baker

Exhibitions are places where sales and marketing converge. In several sectors, they are also where the strategic sales conversations happen.


MIPCOM: Meeting point for content creators and the TV industry’s key decision-makers.

While readers of this Journal will have no difficulty in identifying the difference between the functions of sales and marketing, it can be argued that there is one place where the two disciplines should naturally converge – and that is on the exhibition floor. Marketing is responsible for creating an environment in which sales conversations can take place.

Interestingly, few sales leaders seem to share this view; instead seeing exhibiting simply as the means for a company to showcase its products or services. Senior sales personnel rarely venture onto the show floor, leaving junior staff to capture data and take leads.

Commercial Director at 2Heads

Jane Baker is Commercial Director at 2Heads, a global brand experience agency headquartered in the UK. She has spent more than 15 years delivering award-winning corporate events, exhibitions and experiential campaigns. She enjoyed roles at agency heavyweights George P Johnson and CWT Meetings & Events prior to joining 2Heads in 2015, where she now leads sales, marketing, strategy and creative.