Get in the flow

30th September 2022 |   Daniela Preciado

SAP’s Experiential Sales Learning programs allow salespeople to learn in the flow of their work.

To ensure that business continued to flow, in 2020 most companies worldwide responded to the pandemic by making the transition to remote working. More recently, as some businesses began to require employees to work onsite again, others have been cementing a hybrid working model as they move forward. As some employees will continue to work remotely – and this is especially true for the sales function – sales enablement needs to continue offering training and collaboration opportunities for distributed teams. SAP’s Experiential Sales Learning programmes are set up to create a platform for collaboration and best-practices exchange, while ensuring key sales skill gaps are addressed, top deal challenges can be discussed, and salespeople and other customer-facing roles gain full flexibility by learning as part of their work flow.

The sudden advent of the pandemic in 2020 gave fresh impetus to the sales enablement function’s quest to seek new, more innovative ways to boost the effectiveness of their sales development and learning programmes. This has been especially true for new formats that offer a combination of hands-on experience to allow salespeople and other customer-facing roles to discover and refine their job-related skills and address challenges through interactions with mentors and highly successful and influential sales colleagues. Such highly flexible experiential learning formats allow for learning “in the flow of work”.

Global Programme Manager at SAP Sales Learning

Based in Bogotá Colombia, Daniela Preciado is SAP’s global programme manager for Experiential Sales Learning programmes. These programmes support account executives and other customer-facing roles, providing them with hands-on learning during their day-to-day activities. Experiential Learning allows learners to apply acquired knowledge and experiences with real-world situations while expanding their business network.

Additionally, Preciado plays a vital role on the SAP Sales Learning Communication team, drawing on her design and marketing background to drive awareness and engagement to the organization.