GenAI for sales messaging

Gartner has devised its Generative Value Messaging Operational Framework to provide revenue leaders with a roadmap to start resourcing deliberate generative AI activities. This is designed to help CROs tap into “persuasive and personalized messaging while also managing and mitigating risks”.

This framework consists of five components:

  1. Value messaging – a strategy for B2B sales messaging and storytelling
  2. Generative RevTech – sales and marketing tech featuring GenAI
  3. GenAI operations – management and tuning of GenAI data and systems
  4. Messaging workflows – design and operation of GenAI messaging workflows
  5. Messaging insights – analysis of messaging insights and buyer activation

“By adopting generative value-messaging, CROs will improve sales execution for top-line growth, drive resource efficiencies that lower the cost of sales, and create more custom-made content for opportunities previously constrained by the limitations of only humans creating content,” Gartner says.

For more information see Gartner press release, “Gartner Says 35% of Chief Revenue Officers to Establish a Generative AI Operations Team in their Go-To-Market Organization Within Two Years”, 22 June 2023.

Generative Value Messaging - GenAI for sales messaging