European sales competition

25th March 2018 |   Journal Of Sales Transformation

This year’s European Sales Competition will take place in downtown Paris near the near Champs Elysees on 30-31 May. Hosted by Euridis Business School, the competition is open to students from 20 participating universities.

Bernard Hasson, General Manager at Euridis Business School explains that the competition distinguishes itself by featuring real buyers playing the roles of IT buyers on the Salesforce selling case – the cloud software company continues to support the event as the main sponsor.

In addition to the sales competition itself and the speed selling recruitment pitch, Euridis will add a serious online prospecting game based on the SKILLGYM software. In this way, recruiters will obtain a 360-degree view of candidates’ capabilities in terms of investigation and negotiation on a complex sale, self selling, and cold-calling skills.