Ethical principles in AI-guided selling

13th February 2023 |   Lennie A Monteiro

As AI-guided selling takes hold, ethics remains an important foundational principle.

Ethical principles in 
AI-guided selling


Recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) research, development, and application have sparked a broad debate about the ethics of AI systems. As a result, several ethical frameworks have been published in recent years. These guidelines include normative concepts and recommendations aimed at assisting organisations in capitalising on the potential and risks of AI ethically. I have collected both primary and secondary research to augment my exploration of AI ethics and form my research observations and conclusions. For my conclusions, I examine the implications of each of seven ethical principles for both board directors and leaders. I also provide suggestions about what companies should do to develop an AI governance model that incorporates these seven ethical design principles.

Today, AI can do things that humans could never do before like finding the quickest route to a destination; personalising suggestions for books, films, music, and clothes; identifying new chemical compounds and medical treatments; predicting equipment failures and coordinating maintenance across complex supply chains; using quality-assurance data to improve manufacturing processes, and many other AI use cases to modernize operations.

Tomorrow, AI will accomplish even more as technology and learning from AI approaches improve. Self-driving cars will autonomously carry both freight and people. Intelligent robotic translators will enable multilingual conversations. Even if artificial general intelligence (machines that think, react, and behave like humans) is still many years away, customized AI systems, robots, and the internet of things (IoT) will continue to expand with integrated diverse capabilities.

Director, Sales Performance at Sysco Canada Inc

Lennie A Monteiro (F.ISP) is Director, Sales Performance at Sysco Canada Inc. Prior to that he was Manager, North American Sales Enablement at a leading integrated freight and logistics firm. He is a fellow at the Institute of Sales Professionals and a mentor at the Ted Roger Sales Leadership Program, Toronto Metropolitan University, and holds a Masters in Leading Sales Transformation from Middlesex University.